Red Bull Steeplechase – My Way of Saying Thanks

I’ve watched all the videos, and I’ve seen all the pictures and I’ve decided that this race looks hard enough to warrant asking people for money.

I’m using this opportunity to say Thanks to a family friend, Ray Golder. In 1988, he was out running with my Dad who collapsed & died having suffered a heart attack. Ray did everything he could and stayed with him until the end. I was fortunate enough to meet up with Ray last year and chat with him for the first time as an adult. He described that day as the worst day of his life.

So this is my chance to say Thank you Ray – for everything you did on that day. For making sure my Dad did not die alone. I’m running this race for you.

Unfortunately, Ray has cancer. So I’m raising money for his chosen charity – Cancer Research. My target is £1000 – and that’s ambitious for me.

Here’s the link to the justgiving page – the full story is on there.
If it pulls at your heartstrings, please make a donation. We can beat cancer.