Red Bull Steeplechase Training update

I’ve found some amazing trails up behind Chanctonbury Ring. Single track Mountain Bike trails that you can fling yourself down with childlike abandon. Jumping over logs and skipping over tree roots whilst barely maintaining control on the steep descents.

This is what running feels like in my dreams.

There’s also some damn steep climbs, I’ve found a long hard graft that I’m aiming to run all the way up one day (I’ve only managed halfway so far before walking) and I’ve gone off-track and found a long 49% climb. I can’t even stand on this let alone run, moving upwards involves a bear-crawl.

Unfortunately, my training for the Steeplechase took a huge setback (6 weeks out of action) after I picked up a stress fracture on my 4th metatarsal. A combination of too many hills and too many miles too quickly. I got over-excited and wanted to run the mountain bike trails all the time, which unfortunately involved a long run to get there. I stupidly thought I’d be OK doing that when I should have built up more slowly.

I think that’s top 30 well out the window. I’ll be happy to get to the 2nd checkpoint now.

Training Update – Red Bull Steeplechase

My mileage is starting to increase as I get ready to go into a 12 week training block for the Red Bull Steeplechase in October.

I’ve crept up to around the 30 miles a week mark over the last few weeks, and I’m trying to get plenty of off-road and hill work in.

Theres a great 13 mile route which is based on the Three Forts Half marathon and I’m taking advantage of the light evenings to get out and run it after work when I can. It takes in Cissbury Ring, Bostal and Chanctonbury Ring with a total climb of 445m. I’ve spotted a couple of slopes leading off the path which I might have a go at including in the run next time, see how close they are to the dreaded 49% incline in the Red Bull Steeplechase.

Cissbury & Chanctonbury by StickManDave at Garmin Connect – Details.


Cissbury // Bostal // Chanctonbury
Cissbury // Bostal // Chanctonbury