VLM 2015

I’m a lucky sod – I got the Tuff Fitty Triathlon club spot for VLM 2015!

I found out just before Christmas so I’ve been keeping the mileage ticking over since then, lots of 5-6 mile runs and a couple of 10-13 mile long runs in there too. I set a new training PB over 10 miles which I’m happy about, a good base to start my training from. And I had an ECG at the doctors today which showed a resting heart rate of 45bpm. Happy with that too.

So today (5th Jan 2015) is the first day of my training plan. The next 16 weeks will be super focussed and dedicated to nailing every single training mile in the plan. Talking of which, the plan is something I’ve put together using different parts of Pfitzinger & Douglas, Jack Daniels Running Formula and Runners World.

Here’s the daft bit….

My previous marathon PB is somewhere up around 3:48. It was my first marathon. My 2nd ever race. and it was about 3 years ago. I’ve only ran one since then, the following year when I ran a few minutes slower.

This year. I’m training for a marathon time that begins with a 2. I’ll be blogging every week about my journey towards that goal and we’ll see if I can make it.

At the moment, I feel like it could be done, and that I just need to trust the training plan. I know its a huge step up, but I’m sure others have done it before. I know that my running has improved massively over the last few years, and that hard work often brings desired results. I’ll be happy never to run another one if I can just get a sub 3 hour one under my belt!

So here it is, Day One. 5 miles. Easy.


I also kicked off the year with the first race in the West Sussex Fun Run League – The Hangover 5. It goes along one of my familiar training routes up Cissbury Ring and back down. I was going well until the last mile when the previous nights indulgences caught up with me and hit me with a stitch. I must have dropped about 10 places but still came home in 33rd  in 37:43 which aint too shabby.