it is better and more useful to meet a problem in time than to seek a remedy after the damage is done.”

 What is sports massage?

Whether it’s a relaxing massage you require or injury specific, then I may be able to help.
Anyone can benefit from sports massage, regardless of age, level of fitness or level of training. You might be working towards a specific event or goal, maybe taking part in sport socially, or even experiencing tension from working at a computer/sitting behind a wheel/standing on your feet all day.

Sports massage techniques can release tension in the body’s soft tissues which build up due to overuse, injury or inactivity.
Hands, forearms, thumbs and sometimes knuckles and elbows all become tools in the therapists arsenal. As well as these standard oil based massage practices, I also use soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques, neuro-muscular technique and myo-fascial release to achieve effective results.

The benefits of sports massage

  • Injury Prevention
    Mid 13th Century Latin saying: “it is better and more useful to meet a problem in time than to seek a remedy after the damage is done.”
  • Recovery
    Regular massage can speed up recovery between training sessions. Especially useful when training for a marathon or as part of a training plan.
  • Repair
    Helps the body to recover from injury
  • Flexibility 
    Massage can improve range of motion and mobility
  • General Wellbeing
    Massage gives an amazing feeling of wellbeing. It can help reduce anxiety, improve relaxation and help you to sleep better.
  • Performance
    Sports massage stimulates and improves blood flow to muscles, not only helping them to recover between workouts but also enabling optimum performance when required.

Why choose me for your Sports Massage?

I’m a Triathlete, I run and cycle almost every day. I swim every week  From personal experience, I know which muscles and joints can be worked to keep you on the road. I understand.

I studied ITEC Level 3 and 4 at the School Of Classical Massage in Brighton, under the expert tuition of Michael Gibbons and Matt Phillips. Here I developed all the skills and techniques required of a good Sports Massage Therapist.

I’m also a running coach, my main priority as a coach is injury avoidance. I will do all I can to enable my athletes to maintain continuity in training as this is key to progression. So when it comes to looking at aches or pains, I will identify what’s causing it rather than just treating the symptoms. I would much rather be delivering maintenance work over injury rehabilitation.

Mobile Appointment:
1 hour = £30