First and foremost, I’m a runner. Everything else stems from that.

My Dad was a runner back in the 80’s running boom so when I was a kid, I would run with him, running my first 5k race when I was 6. At that age, I decided that football was more interesting than athletics and so my illustrious running career was over before it had got started.

Until the day I found out I was going to be a Dad myself.  I decided I needed to get fit, so I turned to the sport I had once loved, laced up my trainers and got into the habit of regular running.

I gradually built up my fitness and fell in love with running again. If I wasn’t out there myself I would be talking about it non-stop, or watching athletics on the TV, or looking at books to make me quicker. I started entering races and found that I was a middle-of-the-pack, fairly average kind of athlete. So I worked harder at it, and whilst I’m not standing on podiums, I’m happy with my times.

I’ve raced distances from 5k up to Marathon. I once tackled an Ultra but had to pull out at 20 miles. (I learnt that I’m not ready for the psychological challenge of Ultra running just yet)

I was logging a lot of miles on my own and I wasn’t really getting any quicker, so I decided to join a club. My local Triathlon club had training times that suited me, and they had access to a running track so I got in touch and jumped in. At first I scoffed at the idea of triathlon, insisting that the only reason I’d joined was that the club running schedule fit in with my own. However, they ground me down and I eventually became a Triathlete too.
With support from Tuff Fitty Triathlon Club, I got involved with the coaching team, training with England Athletics and eventually running the Wednesday night Track session alongside Andy Ward. I can be found on the track almost every Wednesday, 7pm at Worthing Leisure Centre with a mixed group of athletes, putting them through their paces and working on conditioning drills.

I also started up ShoreFit Run Club, taking a 0-5k beginners group and a weekly social run every Sunday morning. This has been extremely rewarding, watching runners take their first steps and catching the bug. Obviously, not everyone takes to it, and I’m not there to force them to, but when they do its brilliant! More info on that here.

I’ve been on CPD courses since then via Kinetic Revolution, Physical Revolution and Run England. Focussing on injury prevention, biomechanics and gait re-training.

Now in my mid 30’s, I’ve decided that its not too late for a change of career and I’ve continued my journey with a goal of working in sports in mind.

I’m currently training in Sports Massage with the College Of Classical Massage in Brighton, this is helping me develop a full anatomical understanding of the body. Of what is going on underneath all that running gear, how to avoid injuries and of course, how to manipulate soft tissue to keep runners on the road. Or off it if that’s your thing!
At the moment, I’m not sure where it’s going to lead. But in the meantime, hands on experience on the massage table and coaching a diverse mix of runners is broadening my knowledge base and refining my expertise.

I’m still competing, mainly with myself (and my Garmin), you can read more about that in my blog and see my current challenges over in the sidebar. (or footer if you’re on a phone/tablet)

Thanks for taking the time to visit and read. Please comment/follow/bookmark as you see fit.

All the best, Dave


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