Make a cup of tea, sit yourselves down and put your feet up, it’s time for our next Breca SwimRun team to take the spotlight.  This time we’ve got some strong swimmers who may be prone to getting lost….

Team Name: ATC Triology
Team Members: Michelle Scott / Dan Halladay
Team motto: Get The Map Out!

Dan & Michelle – taking it easy at the pool

Who are you, where are you from and how do you know each other?
Michelle Scott, from a little town called Shildon (home of the railways). Met Dan through Aycliffe Tri Club when It was discussed that I would no longer be the fastest swimmer in the club!
Dan Halladay 32 from a little town just south of Durham, we both coach and train together. Once we got talking it turned out that we both went to the same swim club as kids together and probably crossed paths before.

What do you do when you’re not jumping into lakes with your shoes on or running round in wetsuits?
Michelle: I love going for a nice long ride on my horse Denzil who is now 23! Old for a horse, but also train for Triathlon.  I am one of those age groupers!  I race for my partners business Triology Multi Sport Solutions and Bike Science Northeast (best bike fitter around).  I also organise a number of duathlon and triathlon races.  Dale Care Off Road Duathlon on 13th March in the wonderful Hamsterley Forest and the Northeast Event of the Year 2014 Triology Events Mid-Week Super Sprints on the 22nd June, 20th July and 17th August.  How is that for a plug……
Dan: I am more of a swimmer so I do stupid distance open water swims and triathlons when I want a bit of a change. When I am not working, training or coaching I have a very understanding wife and 3 year old son so I spend the rest of my time with them.

So why Swimrun, why not a normal race/triathlon?
Michelle: I am ex-army and used to love doing all of the survival stuff.  I also used to take part in Biathle (4th at the Worlds in 2009).  This is a 1500m run, 200m swim, 1500m run so I guess I am nearly there for Breca.  Just a little bit longer.
Dan: I liked the idea of the repeated swims and the distance offered for the total swims. But in truth I don’t know why we are doing this as every time I look at the run distance and terrain I cry a little. Its a big event to do and something that I feel we could be very competitive in.

Elevation Profile
Elevation Profile

Have you looked at the course map yet?
Dan: Yes I looked at the elevation profile and the map. The only thing that makes me nervous is the run distance. But I cant wait to tackle this challenge. I sent Michelle the picture of it and she just gave it the OMG treatment.
Michelle: What does CP mean?  Collapsing point?

What do you each bring to the team?
Michelle: We are both fairly even.  Dan is a better swimmer then me so I shall just try and sit on his toes.  I am quite talkative, so will probably talk him to death, I mean offer words of encouragement whenever Dan hits a low.  We will definitely be one of the strongest swim teams.
Dan: Michelle is a very determined person and I am very competitive. I could turn eating a meal into a competition, so we will be pushing each other all the way. We are both very strong swimmers so we are looking to take advantage of that.

As we all know, Teamwork makes the dream work. Tell us about your teammate.
Michelle: He is the only other idiot I could find!  Dan is the winner of our club trophy for “Best Bonk” ha-ha I know what you are thinking (dirty people).  ‘Bonk’ as in he went the wrong way at two events last year, costing him places!
Dan:  I haven’t seen Michelle’s answer for this, but I bet she will be saying something about my navigation skills. What can I say, they aren’t up to scratch! Two triathlons last year I missed out on very good placings due to turning the wrong way on the run sections and either doing more or less miles than I should. Is Michelle sure she wants me as a partner?

What have you done in the past? 
Michelle: Ummm. Army 2001 – 2007 (Royal Signals Technician).  Sports: Modern Pentathlon, Tetrathlon, Triathlon, Biathlon and Biathle.  After leaving the army I became a PT and then GP Referral Instructor mainly working with MS and Stroke Rehab patients.  I now work for Triathlon England as the Regional Manager for the Northeast and Yorkshire.  I am qualified in group exercise, boxercise, spinning, circuits, lower back pain, pre and post-natal exercise.  I am ASA Swim Teacher, L1 Cycling Coach and L2 Tri Coach.
Dan: my background is swimming from national level junior to open water marathon distance now. My big achievement this year was first male in Chillswim’s Lake Coniston End to End swim. This has been interspersed with playing rugby for a number of years and more recently sprint and standard distance triathlons. Although I enjoy the Triathlons it is the swimming I enjoy the most. I am taking my level 2 tri coaching course at the moment as well.

Are you planning on any particular races in the build up?
Michelle: Nope.  Just going to crack on.
(haha – that right there is my favourite line in the whole interview! This should be your motto!)
Dan: No specific swim run races but I will be mainly concentrating on my run. Starting with cross country and some fell runs to a lumpy half marathon in April/May time. and a few swim races too. We havent really planned any races together yet.

Will you be making a weekend of it or is it a splash, dash & grab?
Michelle: Defiantly a weekend of it.  My friends are coming from Malta to race and I get to meet up with the lovely Sam Anderson and her wonderful mum!
Dan: We are planning to make a weekend of it and enjoy a few post race beers (me, Michelle doesnt drink alcohol) and then me and the wife will be staying in the lakes for the following week on holiday. No doubt my wetsuit will be in the car for me to swim in a different lake everyday.

Are there any questions you’d like to put to other teams/organisers/experienced swimrunners? Anything you’re curious about?
Michelle: How do you stop your feet rubbing?  Or should I just man up?  I am allergic to nuts so please don’t put out any nutty nutrition (dairy milk will suit me fine).
Dan: Please can we follow fellow competitors so we don’t get lost? And a serious one to people that have done this type of event before how much emphasis do you put on swim/run brick training sessions before the event?

Pick a famous duo you can compare yourselves to!
Dan: Laurel and Hardy as we will be scratching our heads constantly as we get lost!

nice team kit!

If, and I’m not saying there will be, but IF there’s a post event Karaoke, what would you sing?
Michelle: I would rather bob for apples. *note to organisers, is that an option???*
Dan: Love a bit of Elvis suspicious minds!

My wife wants to know: what do your partners/friends think of all this?
Michelle: My partner Andy is just as nuts and may even do it himself.  We didn’t do it together as I am far to bossy and we would fall out 🙂
Dan: My wife thinks we are mental. she hates the thought of swimming in lakes and can’t understand why we want to put our bodies through all the stress.

Do you already know any of the other teams?
Michelle: Yes – Sam Anderson and Hannah Pace (Malta).
Dan: Michelle and I are going out to Malta in March for some warm weather training and meeting her friends from there who are entered as well.


And there we have it. Thanks to Michelle & Dan from Team ATC Triology for taking the time to do this. Looking forward to meeting you on the day! 
If you’d like YOUR team to be featured on here, drop a comment below or send me a message and we’ll get on the case. It would be great to get as many profiles before race day as we can. Fast, slow or just in it for a laugh, I’m fascinated to see who we’re all up against!

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