10 things I think about when I’m not running

I’ve had almost 2 weeks off running. I miss it a bit but as I’ve got no imminent races looming large in the calendar, its a good time to have a bit of rest and let my body recover.
It’s given me some time to do other things, and to think about other things too.
I thought it was a good excuse to do one of those “10 things….” blog posts that’ll give you a bit more of an insight about me.

Here’s what’s been on my mind this week:

1. Ocean Colour Scene
I went to a gig, atom promotions are putting on some great gigs in Worthing. I’ve seen The Charlatans, Grandmaster Flash and now OCS in my hometown this year. And this gig took me back to being a 17 year old mod in Birmingham. A lot of loudmouth idiots at the back but Simon Fowler gave it a good “… and if you lot at the back could just shut the fuck up!”

2. Whitstable
A few days over in Whitstable this week, the high street is amazing, great cafe’s, independent boutiques,vintage shops, micro-pubs, cheesemongers, charity shops galore and a thriving book shop.

3. Sports Massage
Weekend No.2 of my course in Brighton. Learning a lot about the muscles in the legs at the moment, and thinking about how they work in relation to running.
My new favourite phrase “hmmm, thats interesting” when finding a knotted muscle or odd structure when massaging.

4. Don’t believe the Hype
I discovered this blog recently via a competition for OCS tickets, its a great read, especially for the Dads out there. Looking forward to meeting the owner Dan soon. His writing is inspiring me to take this blog forwards, to keep posting regularly and letting it find its own direction.

5. London Marathon 2016
Thrown my “You’re IN” magazine in the recycling bin. Can’t do the date unfortunately and don’t have the money to burn to defer for a year.

6. Punctures & Bike lights
Picked up a puncture on my bike and had to repair in pitch black darkness, between 2 bodies of water where it was freezing cold, next to a dead shark. Or perhaps it was a dogfish.
Also had my bike light fall off in the middle of the road on another day. I watched helplessly as a stream of 20 cars rolled over it before finally, it exploded under the wheels of the last car.

7. Things beginning with I
My son is learning letters at the moment, he’s doing really well. We repeat the sound each letter makes before saying a word that it begins with. “D….d….dog,” “B…..b…..banana,” “i……i……errrr……..insect.” Its harder than it sounds.

8. Catch Up TV
In particular, The Walking Dead and The Returned (the proper one, in French, on channel 4.) Slight obsession with the undead? Maybe.
Oh, and Kung Fury. If you’ve got 30 minutes spare, this film is ace.

9. Them
I’ve bought a new book, “Them” by Jon Ronson, He also wrote “The men who stare at goats.” I heard him interviewed on Scroobius Pips podcast Distraction Pieces and it sounded like a fascinating book about who really rules the world.

10. Cloaks
Today, as well as working, I’ve been thinking about why cloaks aren’t more popular? Why they’ve never made a comeback since Victorian times? What’s the difference between a cloak and a cape? (Is it to do with hoods?) The consideration that needs to be given to the brooch? How many cloaks warrants a cloak room? How long should a cloak be? Is it mandatory to carry a dagger when wearing a cloak? (can of worms)

There we go.
That didn’t descend into madness as much as it could have. And got away from the subject of running for a bit too.


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