2 new PB’s (in training)

Ok, so they don’t really count as they weren’t recorded in a race but I’m still chuffed to bits that I’ve hit 2 new PB’s this week. I’m not sure this is meant to happen at this stage in marathon training but I was hoping to hit a few milestones along the way.

A few days ago, I went out for a steady 7 miler and set off at what felt like a Steady pace. I looked at my watch as it beeped off the first mile at around 6 and a half minutes and thought “I’m going to play this one by feel.” As the miles ticked by I was still feeling comfortable at the same pace, I should have made a note of everything I’d eaten that day as something was fuelling this right! I decided I’d have a go at a quick 10k time and just relax off for the final mile and so there it is, my new 10k (training) PB of 41:33. Getting closer to the target time I’d like to hit of sub-40 before this training is over.

Well that was Tuesday, I hit the track on Wednesday for 8×800 off 4mins, tough session with a gale blowing on the back straight and then trotted out an easy (anything but) 5 miles on Thursday to try and loosen up the muscles – note to self, do not do easy runs into a headwind along the seafront, they’re not easy.

Today (Friday) the schedule called for 1M jog, 3miles Fast, 1M jog. I thought I’d take the opportunity to see if I could hit a new 5k PB. It wasn’t quite as quick as I’d hoped I might be able to manage but my legs weren’t as fresh as they could’ve been. So my new (training) 5k PB is 19:22.

Not bad in a weeks work eh?

I’m also pleased to say i’ve hit every training run in the plan so far, thats every day for the last 12 days, and my pace has been good. I’ve turned out 71 miles so far and I’m feeling good. 13 and 6 planned for the weekend ahead, all easy pace.

The milestones Ive got in mind as I make my way through the plan are:

5k – 18:45

10k – 38:00

Half marathon – 1:25:00

Marathon – 2:59:59

I’ve got a long way to go, but I’ve got faith in the plan.

Helping me along the way are a great Recovery Yoga session from the Runners World site, and some strength work prescribed by Hannah @ ShoreFit Personal Training.

Here’s to some more good running at the weekend. 🙂 (and fingers crossed that the weather treats me kindly!)

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