Loving Marathon training

A quick update….

3 days in.

3 runs complete, threw in a track session tonight to get myself used to the hard work. It wasn’t in the plan, but everything else is pretty easy this week so I thought it wouldn’t hurt. 7 x 800m in 3mins with 1min recovery. Tough towards the end but legs feel fine after a bit of stretching and foam rolling.

I’ve picked up some new trainers too as I’m pretty sure my Adidas Adios 2.0’s won’t be up to the mileage (especially as I’ve already put over 300 miles on them), I’ll still be using them for track for a while though. The new rides are Brooks Pure Cadence 3’s, extremely comfortable, light, ugly and a bit bulky around the ankle for my liking. On the plus side they encourage a mid/forefoot landing, and provide a bit more cushioning than my Adidas.

I’m pretty certain I’ll go back to the Adios for race day – easily my favourite shoes.

Anyway, another 5 easy miles tomorrow so I better get my bag packed.

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